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Why You Should Install Pizza Oven Doors

Why You Should Install Pizza Oven Doors

Everyone loves the friend with a backyard pizza oven but your pizza should be top notch. Here's why you should install pizza oven doors.

Is there anything greater than the fun of a backyard pizza oven? The sweet smell of baking bread, the fun of creating your pizzas, and the first bite of gooey, melted cheese.

Whether you’re new to pizza ovens or you’ve been enjoying them for years, there’s one element that you might not have thought about yet—pizza oven doors.

Does your pizza oven have a secure door? While some chefs have an open-air pizza oven, this could actually put your health and safety at risk.

We recommend all pizza ovens have a door—keep reading to find out why!

Keep Debris and Animals Out

One great reason to install an outdoor pizza oven door is to keep debris and animals out. Being outside and exposed to the elements, wind can easily blow leaves, branches, or even trash into your pizza oven, stopping it from being as clean as you’d like it to be.

Animals, especially curious creatures like squirrels and birds, are also attracted to pizza ovens—with plenty of crust crumbs and bits of meat, it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet for backyard wildlife!

Or, can you imagine the shock if you opened your pizza oven to see it full of insects or even a spider web—no one wants insects in areas where they’re preparing food.

However, human food isn’t good for animals. Plus, you certainly don’t want animals getting into your pizza oven and going to the bathroom or bringing in fleas or germs.

With a secure door, you’ll keep your pizza oven clean, safe, and secure.

Regulate Temperature

Another great reason to purchase a cast iron pizza oven door is to regulate temperature. For best results, pizza chefs say you should heat your oven to 700 F, or 350 C.

How can you be sure of your oven’s temperature if it doesn’t have a door? A door is essential for cooking your pizza at the exact temperature.

Without a door, cold or hot air is going to get in the oven and cause your temperature to fluctuate. No one wants to eat burned pizza, so take care by controlling and monitoring your oven temps.

As long as you know the exact temperature of the oven, then you’ll know how long to cook your pizza without it burning or coming out undercooked.

Protect Your Pizza Oven from the Weather

Your door will also function to keep the weather outside from impacting your oven. Also known as a storm door, the outdoor door of your oven will stop rain, winds, and sleet or snow from getting in your oven.

This way, your oven will stay clean and dry when it’s not in use.

Control Smoke

As anyone who’s ever made pizza knows, it can sometimes get pretty smoky! While some smoke can add to the wood-fired taste, too much smoke is bad for your oven—and for your lungs.

With a cast iron pizza oven door, you can better control the smoke in your oven, making it more pleasant for the chef. A door can also help with proper ventilation, as smoke can stain your oven and masonry if it has nowhere else to go.


All indoor and outdoor pizza ovens should have a door! In addition to the functionality, it also adds aesthetic value to the oven.

You can find a pizza oven door to fit any style, whether you’re looking for something traditional, antique-inspired, or minimalist. There are also finishes to match any look, including black, rusty metal, and pewter patina.

Choosing the right oven can give your home and outdoor kitchen an impressive look, sure to attract compliments at your next party.

Keep Children Safe

Do you have kids, or even curious pets? If so, a pizza oven door is important to help keep them safe.

Kids absolutely love pizza—it’s no secret! Whether you’re having a pizza party or experimenting with weird pizza flavors, kids love the fun of putting together their own pizza, piling on the cheese, and watching it bake in the oven.

However, ovens can be extremely dangerous, even after you’re no longer baking. The pizza oven will take quite some time to cool down after you’re done using it, potentially causing burns.

To stop kids from accidentally touching the oven while it’s still hot, install a secure door that will protect them. Kids and animals should always be supervised around ovens, of course, but a door provides an additional safety mechanism.


Another fun reason to invest in an oven door is for flexibility. Some doors are freestanding, which means you can completely move them out of the way.

This means your pizza oven can double as a fireplace, or you can simply enjoy its ambiance. Look for something called flexibility doors if you want to add more versatility to your pizza oven.

Contact Us for Help With Pizza Oven Doors and Installation

Did you know there were so many useful reasons for pizza oven doors? They’re an essential part of your oven, so make sure you have one to improve the use and safety of your oven.

If you’re looking for the perfect pizza oven door, we can help. At Old West Iron, we specialize in traditional blacksmithing, creating high-quality and long-lasting pizza oven doors that are sure to impress.

We are located in Felt, Idaho, but our team is happy to ship anywhere. If you need help with finding the right pizza oven door or have any questions on installation, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help.

Please contact us with any questions and we look forward to hearing from you—bon appetit!


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    I found this great pizza oven with a clean out grate and a tray below for clean out in Croatia yesterday (visiting) can you make the door, grate and tray in one assembly? So that when I build the oven I can incorporate it?

    Will send picture separately if you give me acwhats app number to send to

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    Looking for one for my home. Can you send info?

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