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6 Year Anniversary Hand Forged Heart Sculpture - Blacksmith Made Wrought Iron Gifts - Personalized Wedding, Valentine's Gift - Iron Decor


A single freestanding sculpture of interlinked iron hearts, hand-forged in fire just for you! Have them personalized with a custom inscription to celebrate your 6th wedding anniversary (the iron anniversary) or other special occasion!

I forge each of these unique iron sculptures completely by hand at my small studio in rural Niagara. Every piece of the sculpture is carefully handcrafted to ensure a high level of detail and quality that will last a lifetime! Once forged, each pair of hearts is permanently linked together within the fire and then welded from behind to stand upright on their base. They are similar in style to my original Linked Hearts but they are easier to display upright on a mantle, shelf, or as a centerpiece for your home or wedding!

Each sculpture is forged from low-carbon steel (made from over 99% iron), making this uniquely romantic artwork a wonderful gift to celebrate your 6th anniversary (the "iron" anniversary) or 11th (the "steel" anniversary)! This sculpture is also a perfect way to commemorate an engagement or wedding, birthday, memorial, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or any other celebration of love and family!

NEW! This sculpture is now available in three different sizes! The small size sculpture stands approximately 4 inches tall by 3 inches wide, and can be displayed almost anywhere. Its intimate size makes it wonderful as a small gift and fits perfectly into a display of collectibles or a little accent on a small empty space. The large size sculpture measures approximately 6 inches tall by 6 inches wide and is based on our original design. Each heart is a little bit bolder and fits roughly into your hand, making it the perfect size for smaller and larger displays alike! The Extra Large sculpture measures approximately 10 inches tall by 8 inches wide and is designed to make a statement as a bigger showpiece. Please note that since each sculpture is handmade and unique, so all measurements are approximate and may vary slightly from one sculpture to another.

Personalize yours by adding a name into each heart before they are joined together, and include a brief inscription on the steel base such as "6 years" or your wedding date. The Small sculpture can contain up to 8 characters per heart and 8 characters on the base, the Large sculpture can hold up to 12 characters per heart and 10 characters on the base, and the Extra Large sculpture can include up to 15 characters per heart and up to 12 characters on the base.


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