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Grilling Tongs - Long tongs, Grill Tools, Fire Pit, Open Pit BBQ Tongs

  • Handmade
  •   Forged by hand in my smithy, these tongs are the perfect gift for the people in your life who love grilling out or cooking food over an open fire. The holiday food season is coming up and this would make an amazing and unique addition to your grilling utensil collection. Forged from high quality, American sourced 1/4" round mild carbon steel. These tongs are extra long to allow you to work at the grill or fire without risking getting your hand too close to the heat.

    This set of tongs measures approximately 15" long and are fastened together with a solid steel, hand hammered rivet. Please hand wash only and dry thoroughly. Keep a light coating of food-safe oil applied to help protect from moisture and ensure a very long life.

    I am now offering your choice of finishes on my items. You may select from the following finishes when checking out.

    Traditional "black" is hand brushed out of the forge and coated with beeswax (or a vegetable oil on areas that are intended to come in contact with food) for a dark steel appearance.

    Polished Steel is a brighter finish achieved by polishing your item on a wire wheel polisher leaving an attractive bright shine.

    These are made to order, and while you won't receive the exact item in the picture, the quality and design will be identical. Small variations are guaranteed, that's what makes your hand forged item unique and special!

    *Mild steel should be treated the same way you treat cast iron. Please only hand wash, dry thoroughly and apply a light coating of food safe oil every now and then to protect the steel from moisture.

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