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Art Nouveau Staircase Railing Picket


This industrial-style stair railing is designed to attach to the outer facing part of your staircase and your wooden handrail. The material is metal with a steel rail and ends, as well as cast iron wall attachments. The color is matte black or aged copper, and the dimensions include a 100 cm spindle length with 75 mm diameter mounting plates. The distance from the wall is 75mm and the spindle bar diameter is 16 mm. The style options are industrial, vintage, steampunk, modern, barn, or loft. Each set includes 19 mm wood screws. Adorn your staircase with this unique handmade rail that will surely impress your guests. The hammer-edged steel rail and ornate cast iron mounting plate add character to any space. It is wall- or side-mounted and handcrafted in the workshop of an expert craftsman. Don't settle for a standard stair rail when you can have a bespoke piece as the centerpiece of your home. This sturdy and durable spindle not only adds 

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