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Speakeasy Door: A 2023 Core Interior Design Trend

Speakeasy Door: A 2023 Core Interior Design Trend

Consumer interest in speakeasy doors is increasing by the day. Click here to check out how the speakeasy door will feature in 2023 interior design!

Ten years ago, the most over-the-top thing you could do to your front door was to paint it turquoise. Everyone did it in 2013, for some reason. As we enter the year 2023, interior design trends go way harder. Unique door trends might not have been on your bingo card, but add to it now.

This may be the first time you've ever heard of a speakeasy door. To answer your question, yes it is kind of like a secret door. Adding one gives your home the impression of exclusivity. People won't be allowed in without a password.

But what exactly is it? How do you make a door, of all things, trendy? Read on to find out how speakeasy doors will be taking over the interior home decor trends of 2023.

But First A History Lesson

Speakeasies came about during the Prohibition Era of the 1920s. Naturally, the 2020s would bring a revival of this aesthetic, as we all had been excitedly anticipating. Let's look at the interesting history behind why these contraption-like doors had to be invented.

The term speakeasy refers to the name given to underground, illicit public spaces where patrons consumed alcohol after it became illegal in 1920 as a result of the passing of the 18th Amendment in the US. Though the government banned the formal sale of alcohol and public drinking spaces with it, determined people found a way around it.

These secret illegal bars were so-called speakeasies because, to ask for entrance, you had to be discreet. Patrons allegedly had to "speakeasy," which means to speak in a low voice to not arouse suspicion.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Prohibition made producing, transporting, and selling alcohol illegal as well as criminalizing consumption. Speakeasies flourished not just because people looked for creative ways to indulge themselves. They also proved to be highly successful business ventures that brought in massive profits for lots of business people.

Were some of these businesses part of the mafia? Yes, but not all of them.

Making alcohol illegal in the United States set in motion a collective reaction that moved American culture in the opposite direction. Speakeasies had a lasting impact, which American leisure and the restaurant industry still felt a century later. More recently, they sparked an interest in the aesthetic aspects, inspiring party outfits, themed parties, restaurant concepts, and now interior decor.

While aesthetic movements often take cultural moments out of context, the revival of excitement over speakeasies maintains the spirit of covert defiance.

Doors But Make It Aesthetic

Certain interior design trends pop up and suddenly appear in most people's homes. Or at least the homes you see in magazines and on social media. Before now, people did not get very creative with doors.

Until just a few years ago, they were generally regarded as practical fixtures that didn't need special attention. People decided to paint their doors in bold and bright colors to grab attention. And of course, we remember the explosion of sliding barn doors for embellishment.

Just because something becomes trendy and very much the moment, does not guarantee that it will eventually have universal appeal. Speakeasy doors might be one of those odd but stylish additions that everyone does at once for two to three years straight.

However, beyond the aesthetic, this style of door might prove to have practical value, and because of the timelessness of prohibition (as a cultural moment), this new trend that just burst onto the scene will become a household fixture. That's mainly due to its design and application offering practicality and usefulness to homes, which we will discuss.

Bringing Back Vintage Pieces for Maximalist Effect

Vintage speakeasy doors represent just one new design among several competing trends we expect to see in the upcoming year. Homeowners willing to stretch their budget and their creativity even just a little bit seek the bold and the unusual.

People want to revive old styles because of their artistry and how they add character to a home. They do this as a reaction against the stereotypical "little boxes" planted all over suburbia. Minimalism brought neutral colors and clean lines to everyday life, a simple outline that you filled in with supposedly more meaningful, non-materialistic things.

Empty spaces gave the appearance of order because we've come to associate visual elements with clutter which we associate with stress. Perhaps because the world at large can no longer maintain the appearance of order, people have chosen to embrace a return to adding more.

Moving Away from Uniformity in 2023

In 2023, more is more if you do it well and with intention. While holding on to the anti-materialistic values of the minimalist movement, consumers collect things for their own sake, because it adds to their lives.

Having everyone look the same does not bring happiness. It causes us to dissociate from our emotions and passions because we think fitting in helps us avoid discontentment.

Speakeasy doors are appealing because they can be done in many different styles, depending on what look you want. Even if your neighbors also have the same concept, you'll each bring your interpretation and creative choices for completely different outcomes.

Interior decorators have embraced these other unique trends for doors, like:

  • Classic french doors
  • Floor-to-ceiling doors
  • Glass cutouts or fully glass doors
  • Doors made with dark wood
  • Slide-in pocket doors

How Does A Speakeasy Door Work

To add a speakeasy door or make your current door into one, it needs to have the following elements. Cut-out squares or rectangles set at eye level give these doors their most recognizable feature. For this reason, most speakeasy doors are made of wood.

Secondly, and also very importantly, an iron "grill" covers the cut-out opening. An extra large opening lets outsiders have a small peek at what's inside, without giving everything away. It's meant for those who know where to look.

The metal grill draws the focus to the center of the door. It adds class along with an elegant design that makes homes look more expensive.

You attach the metal grill to the outside-facing side of the door. It very clearly keeps people out, to filter out unwanted visitors. From the inside, a small mini-hinged door covers up the cut-out. The hinge allows the door to open only from the inside.

The person on the other side pulls back or slides the tiny door. This adds an extra layer of safety for homeowners because you can partially open the door while keeping a safe barrier between you and potential intruders. Think of the speakeasy as a people filter.

Adding a Speakeasy Door to Your Home in 2023

You can take the front door that's already attached to your home and repurpose it to make it functionally a speakeasy door. This requires detaching the door from its hinges.

Then, you measure eye level before cutting out the small window. The piece taken out from the door can be made into a smaller door when you reattach it with hinges. Doors made of wood often serve as the ideal for up-cycling.

More simply, and more commonly, you can purchase a ready-made speakeasy door from a hardware or furniture retailer.

Speakeasy doors are very easily customizable, especially when adding extra visuals to the very basic structure. You don't want your trendy door to look boring!

For vintage speakeasy doors, you can add iron pieces as decorative elements along with a wrought iron grill. For the vintage look, you should look for materials most likely used in the early 20th century. Even the shape, size, and design of the metal grill add variations.

Calculating Speakeasy Door Cost

Style does not come cheap, especially when you want your home to stand out and look regal. Typically, newly constructed speakeasy doors cost the lowest $1,600. Adding more decorative elements and using stronger materials will run you much more money, upwards of $5,000 to $6,000.

Though that's the cost of an entirely new door. You can buy just the door opening element from us for between $200 to $300.

A sudden resurgence of a new trend suggests the possibility that it might be a fad that will soon be out of style like the Charleston. However, speakeasy doors appear likely to stick around for a while, even beyond the original aesthetic appeal. Because of the added security element and practicality, it adds a layer of functionality to the design.

Nothing stands out more than an amazing design that also serves a clear purpose. In 2023, more is more.

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