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Decorative Iron Kick Plate: Adding Flair and Function to Your Home

Decorative Iron Kick Plate: Adding Flair and Function to Your Home

Kick plates are great to protect doors, and they don't have to look boring. See how a decorative iron kick plate will look in your home.

Have you been thinking about how badly you need to upgrade the appearance of your home?

If so, you may have landed on what most people do - upgrading your landscaping. However, that doesn't always work out and it can be difficult to maintain, not to mention expensive.

So what's another way that you can add to your home style? You should consider an iron kick plate or decorative kick plates in your home. Adding one to your front door can make a huge difference when people look at your home.

Your curb appeal will instantly increase.

Are you ready to take your home or even your small business storefront to the next level? You can keep reading to learn more about kickplates for doors!

What Is an Iron Kick Plate?

Simply put, a kick plate is a metal, wood, or plastic guard that is used to protect the bottom of a door. Iron has a classic and timeless look that adds onto many different architectural styles. This makes iron a popular material.

Protect the door from what, you may ask?

Well, many times, a door is actually opened with your foot. Think about it. If you have too many things in your hand or are holding something, once you get it slightly open, you are going to use your foot to open the rest.

This can end up leaving a lot of dirt on your door or even damage the door.

That's where a kickplate can come into play.

An iron kick plate offers plenty of door protection for your door. This is why you will mostly see them at the bottom of a door.

Who Uses Them?

Most of the time, you aren't going to see an iron kick plate on every door around an apartment or house. However, you may see it in more high-traffic areas such as the front and back doors as well as a swinging kitchen door if you have one.

There are many kick plates in commercial settings as well. If you've ever taken a chance to look at the bottom of a door to a restaurant or other setting, you may have noticed the kick plate.

Realistically, you can put them wherever you want to, but they most commonly go in high-traffic areas.

Reasons to Use a Kick Plate

So what really is the point of a kick plate on a door? Do you need to have one or several in your home?

Extra Door Protection

Realistically, using a kick plate is entirely up to you. However, it does add a protective element.

It can protect from the door getting beat up or damaged from using your feet too often. It can also protect any paint or finish you have on your door.

Add Decorative Style

Another reason that you may want to add an iron kick plate to your door is that it can add that specific flare that you're looking for. You can customize the finish, the patterns, and even the texture of the plate to go with your door and the surrounding parts of your home.

Some kick plates can even have illumination so that they light up the pathway and the door at night!

Create a Polished Appearance

As great as adding decorations to your home or business is, they also make a door look more polished. This means that the entrance to your home or business is automatically going to look a bit more professional or elegant with a kick plate.

This is especially important when it comes to how the outside of a business looks!

You can even match your kick plate to your door knocker!

Cleaning Is Easier with a Kick Plate

If you've ever had to clean a door without a kick plate, you may have noticed how dirty the area becomes. In high-traffic areas, the door can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris.

However, if you have a kick plate, it makes the door easier to maintain and clean. You won't have to continue to pay for cleaning services or take time away from other things to clean it yourself.

How to Measure for a Kick Plate

If you are thinking about getting a kick plate for your door, you need to understand how to properly take measurements for it.

This is simple! All you need to do is take the width of the door and subtract two inches from it. For instance, if your door is 40 inches wide, your kick plate is going to be 38 inches wide.

You will then want to measure from the bottom of the door to the bottom of the first decorative panel. Then, subtract one inch from this measurement. Typically, a standard kick plate will be 6 to 8 inches tall.

Finding the Right Metal Kick Plate

Whether you want fancy kick plates for your home or a simple metal kick plate, you can't go wrong. The look and style of the kick plate are completely up to you! You just want it to go with the vibe of your home and where you are putting it (or your commercial building!).

Just remember that not only do kick plates have an aesthetic look, but they are also perfect for protecting your home or business as well!

Ready to find a kick plate that works for you? You can check out our inventory to find the right one for your home. You'll be sure to find one that works perfectly for your needs.

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