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Twisted Hand Forged Iron Dinner Triangle

The Twisted Hand Forged Iron Dinner Triangle is the perfect way to tastefully upgrade your home and add a touch of class from the 19th century. This antique-inspired dinner triangle has been beautifully crafted in our workshop with hand-forged iron and expertly designed for durability and timelessness. Not only is it an essential piece to any vintage-style home, but when sounded, its acoustic qualities are remarkable – ensuring that everyone at meal times is accounted for!

In addition to its simple yet elegant design, our dinner triangle comes complete with a ringer and wall mount. Our stylish wall mount allows you to securely hang your ringer within easy reach, so that no matter where you are in the house, it will be ready for use when needed. The comfortable ergonomically designed handle ensures that you can properly maneuver and maneuver the ringer making ringing it comfortable while producing a melodious bell sound that can be heard from anywhere within your home.

The Hand Forged Iron Dinner Triangle is sure to elevate the look of your house while adding historical authenticity with a modern twist. Its sturdy construction will ensure a long life of convenience and utility as its lasting quality grants it compatibility with all décor styles; introducing classic vintage charm combined with contemporary usefulness.

Ringer 8.5" long x 5/8" sq bar

Hook 12.5" long 9 3/4" projection from wall x 5/8" sq bar

12 3/4" tall x 12" wide x 5/8" sq bar

Screws included HCS-04 #12 x 1" or 1 1/2"

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Raw (Unfinished)
Natural Rust
Screws Included
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