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Industrial foot rail copper home bar foot rail Kitchen island foot rest Custom foot railing Metal steel cast iron Bar décor Steampunk

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The product specifics:

. Material: Metal. Steel tube embellished with cast-iron floor mountings and cast-iron end caps.
. Colour: copper

. Dimensions:
Round steel tube: 30mm (3cm) in diameter.
Height: 125mm (12.5cm)
Width: 60mm (6cm)

. Style: Industrial, Steampunk, Barn, Vintage or Modern.

What is included?
. All bold and decorative bar and floor mount brackets.
Number of brackets supplied:
- 1m- 1.5m: 2 brackets
- 2m -3m: 3 brackets
- 3m -:4m 4 brackets
- 4m - 5m 5 brackets
- 5m - 6m 6 brackets
. Optional matching screws to avoid unwanted hassle (please be aware these may not be suitable for all surface types).

This unique, industrial-style foot rail will be the perfect finishing touch to your chosen space. This durable and stylish statement piece is different to any other foot rail currently on the market; take this opportunity to make your bar or island stand out.

Make the comfort of your customers or family and friends a priority by installing this foot rest; foot rails are mercenary as the more comfortable the drinker, the more they’ll spend.

. Compliment the décor of your pub, restaurant, café or bar with this crisp and sleek foot rail.
. Be the envy of your family and friends due to your beautifully handcrafted foot rail creating the perfectly finished feel to your home bar or kitchen island.

What can we offer you?
. Custom sizing. If the standard sizes are not suitable for your needs, contact us for a fast, custom quote for your required size.
. Free delivery in the United Kingdom (UK).
. Excellent customer service (direct responses to questions within 24 hours or less). We always encourage customers to contact us with any questions before or after sale.
. A high-quality, handmade product which is both sturdy and eye-catching.

. Cost: Free delivery in the UK.
. Delivery time: 1-2 weeks. Please allow the full two weeks for dispatch of all foot and hand rails.
(Additional note: Due to experiencing a high level of orders at this current time, some delays may occur with large orders. These delays will be no longer than 2 days. Fast postage will be used to compensate for any delays.)

Footrails in bars are most noticeable when they are not there; next time you go up to the bar you will notice you unwittingly take advantage of the bar foot rail conveniently situated a few inches from the floor. Don’t make the mistake of not installing one. Equally, don’t make the mistake of settling for a conventional foot rail found in every other bar or pub. Be a foothold above the rest (excuse the pun) by purchasing this foot rail today.


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Proudly handmade in the United Kingdom.

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