5/8" Dia. Rustic Irregular Square Head Bolt

Rustic irregular square head bolts are hand hammered into a square head. The hammering process done by our blacksmiths gives this bolt an original vintage look and feel, and due to the hand shaped nature this bolt head is irregular and no two bolts will be the same exact size or look the same. We recommend these rustic bolts be turned into place by hand with a wrench and a scrap of leather (or leather glove) in between the bolt head and the wrench to best protect the appearance of the irregular square head bolt. 

    • Head Shape: Square
    • Head Texture: Hammered
    • Socket Size: XL Universal Gator Grip Socket
    • Shank Diameter: 5/8"
    • Thread Pitch: 11
    • Thread Pitch Type: Course
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