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  • Handmade
  •   These two tough, wise and weathered old friends belong together. With jagged feathers and intense staring gaze rendered in heavy steel, these owls are far from cute. Maybe they remind you of someone you know.

    Heavy steel plates are fit together, hammered and twisted into shape and welded into solid, heavy sculptures. The snowy white steel plates make a very striking contrast indoors or outdoors against leafy green foliage.

    This old pair have a lot of character and look great on a mantle or shelf and cast beautifully rough, jagged shadows.

    Overall dimensions are 15" x 6" x 5" for the Standing one, and 14" x 7" x 6" for the pecking one which is a full scale version of the real thing.

    They both stand very solidly on both of their feet and its tails.

    This should be used as an ornament only since it has very sharp edges and points. It would not be suitable as a children's toy.
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