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Pizza oven doors built in custom sizes to fit your existing oven opening. These doors are for projects where the oven and oven opening are already built and a custom sized door is needed to fit your exact opening size and shape.

Free standing pizza oven doors in standard sizes

Hinged pizza oven doors in our standard sizes

Double door pizza oven doors in our standard sizes.

Pizza oven doors in Old West Iron's standard sizes. These doors are perfect for projects where the oven has not been built yet and the oven opening can be built around our pizza oven door sizes.  

Arched pizza oven doors built to your custom size.

Rectangular and square pizza oven doors built to your custom size.


Pizza oven doors for sale, in stock ready to ship in 1-4 business days. Free shipping on all domestic orders. All pizza oven doors are made in USA.

Pizza Oven Door
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If you already have a pizza oven built, that’s awesome! You can probably start using it right away while you wait for the door. First, you will need to get proper measurements of your opening so you can order the appropriate size door. For existing ovens, clients typically need a “custom” size door because we need to build the arch of the door to fit the curvature of the opening. For existing doors, you will need to send us the template for the door.

Does my oven really need a door?

Other than providing heat and smoke control, a door can help keep small critters from nesting in the oven. Doors also keep out debris and weather, such as leaves, dirt, rain, and snow.

Makes 6 slices | Prep Time: 15 Minutes | Total Time: 20-25 Minutes