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How to Install Clavos: A Brief Guide

How to Install Clavos: A Brief Guide

Clavos can be used for multiple DIY projects to add a vintage appeal. If you want to decorate with clavos, learn how to install them first here.

When you are cementing the style of your home, you know better than anyone that it is the small details that make your house shift from good-looking to gorgeous.

One such detail that people overlook is the appearance of the nail head you use. A clavo is a decorative nail head that can be added to doors and pieces of wooden furniture. By installing clavos, you can add a unique, rustic element to the interior or exterior of your house.

Read on to learn more about clavos installation to transform the aesthetic of your home.

Clavos Installation

For all of our clavos, we suggest drilling a pilot hole before hammering in the nail with a rubber mallet.

If a rubber mallet isn't available, you can cover the head with a thick piece of cloth, like a work glove, and use a regular hammer. The cloth will act as a barrier to prevent any finish from scratching or chipping off and will also prevent hammer marks from occurring.

We also recommend using clavos epoxy when installing the nail. This ensures a strong hold, which is especially important when placing them overhead.

Clavos Placement

Clavos are typically centered between two vertical lines made by planks, v-grooves, or stiles. Use a tape measure to find and mark where you want to place the clavo.

After marking where to install the clavos, drill the pilot hole at least a quarter-inch into the center of the marking. While you do not want to drill completely through the wood, you also want to make sure that the pilot hole is deep enough to securely install the clavos.

Applying Clavos with Hinge Straps

When you install clavos, you may also want to attach hinge straps.

Hinge straps are decorative yet functional hinges that sometimes accompany clavos. They can be identified by the way one or both of its leaves are narrow and long.

Indoor hinge straps are typically used to embellish and improve the aesthetic of doors, though they can be applied to specific types of cabinets and wardrobes. Hinge straps are also frequently used for heavy-duty, outdoor applications, as they provide extra stability for gates and other heavy doors.

Strap hinges are typically surface-mounted to a door, so if you plan on attaching clavos with hinge straps, it is especially important that the pilot holes are aligned according to the hinge's leaves to ensure an even installation.

Find the Right Style Clavos for You

It is through the small details that you can make a gorgeous, cohesive style.

Installing clavos is a fantastic way to add a rustic element to your doors and furniture. By applying clavos and hinge straps to your doors or furniture, you can make your home stand out in the best way possible.

Be sure to check out some of our clavos options today to find one that suits the style of your home.

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