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How To Add Character To A Home With The Perfect Iron Door Knocker

How To Add Character To A Home With The Perfect Iron Door Knocker

Rustic door knockers transform an average door to a classic, storied entranceway. See how the perfect iron door knocker can add character to any home.

If you're one of the 65.4% of Americans that own property, you likely are always looking for new ways to give it character. Those who like rustic decor know the importance of investing in heavy wooden accents, intricate doorknobs, and, of course, an iron door knocker.

But how can you choose a metal ring pull that works for you? Read on to learn about historical door knockers and how you can incorporate them into your exterior design.

Why Get an Iron Door Knocker?

Since door knockers have been around for several thousand years, they're a tried and true method of reaching people. When you decide to get one, you're joining people in Ancient Greece, Tudor England, Victorian Chicago, and many more amazing parts of history.

The first reason to get an iron door knocker is simple: it's unique. Most people have sacrificed this historical house staple in favor of a doorbell. Even those who don't have doorbells have taken their knockers away and figured that people could just use their fists.

This makes gothic door knockers interesting and intriguing to those who pass by your house. They'll consider your individualistic decor taste and determine that you must be someone with a lot of character as well.

Wrought iron door knockers are also visually appealing. They come in a wide range of styles and shapes. Many are circular or have a flower-like organic shape, but others have rough geometric edges that combine the rustic with the modern. Door knockers can come with engraved patterns and edges or be simple- the choice is yours.

But are door knockers 100% aesthetic? Absolutely not.

These exterior home accessories are just as functional as they are beautiful. They're much louder than simply relying on people using their hands to knock, which means that you're more likely to hear it even from the other side of your house.

How to Select Your Iron Ring Pull

Before you start to choose between metal ring pulls, it's important to consider the overall aesthetic of your home exterior. Many people who look into iron ring pulls want to complement a rustic look and therefore look for metal that appears more worn. Bronze colors and brass looks tend to work best here.

Those who want a rustic-look home often choose organic shapes for their door knockers. Many also enjoy tapered Tudor-look knockers or twisted ring pulls. There are a wide variety of complex options available to you.

However, even contemporary enthusiasts can give their home some additional flair with a door knocker. Simple designs are best here. Plain rings with very little backing or those with square mounts are perfect for a modern look.

Matching Metals

While you can occasionally get away with mixing metals in home decor, this isn't the place to do it. You can have bronze knobs and pulls on your front door and silver ones out back- that's not a problem. But within one door or area of your home, mixing and matching will look both ugly and sloppy.

Purchase a door knocker and knob that match up with each other. If you have metal frames around your door or nearby windows, you need to match those hues as well.

It's up to you whether you uproot all of your metals to get the perfect door knocker. You also have the option of selecting a ring pull that matches pre-existing metals. Consider your budget, values, and personal tastes when making a decision.

If you want to add more variety to a single space, consider getting a door knocker in a different style than your doorknob. Twisted knockers are an ideal choice for this because they provide contrast with a smooth knob. 

What Styles Can You Choose From?

There are a wide variety of door knocker types that you can choose between for your home. Simple door knockers with classic ring pulls work well for all houses, but there are still multiple base types to choose from.

If you want something more subtle, consider those with small circular backings. However, you can also make a statement with larger, more intricate iron plates behind the metal ring pulls.

Twisted Ring Pulls

We also brushed on the idea of twisted ring pulls earlier, and there are so many styles that you can choose from. If you want to get a subtle twist, you may be interested specifically in Twisted Base options.

Some people prefer an all-around twist, though, in which case you would like our classic Twisted Ring Pull. If you want to combine the best bo both classic and twist knockers, a tapered ring twist pull is also a great choice.

Intricate Door Knockers

If you're a fan of more intricate shapes and detail-oriented work, you may prefer an Old California Hacienda or Authentic Arrowhead door knocker. These are visually appealing and boldly unique options that eclectic homeowners love.

Moorish, Tudor Revival, Medieval Reconquista, and Scandinavian Iron door knocker options are also perfect for those who want to connect with history through their decor choices. Since iron ring pulls are a constant throughout history, you'll be joining a great tradition when you choose these options.

Get the Perfect Iron Door Knocker Today

While adding character to your home exterior may sound like a challenge, getting an iron door knocker is the first step towards this goal. They're stylish, individualistic, and unique.

Now that you know how to make your home look as beautiful and unique as possible, it's time to start shopping for metal ring pulls and more. Browse our online shop and purchase the perfect rustic door knocker for your home exterior today.

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