From small, intimate dinners, to huge holiday meals, your home is full of happy memories. Your fireplace is supposed to be the epitome of “warm and cozy” but sometimes it can look a little naked. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here you will find 7 ways to decorate your mantel with unique and custom products. Your fireplace is probably the second most popular gathering place in your home after the kitchen and is usually the focal point of the room. So it should look the part.


#1 Give It Some Support

Normally corbels would be used as support for heavy, wood mantel beams. But OWI’s corbels can serve both a structural and a decorative purpose while offering a completed look to the fireplace. We have a bunch of designs to choose from to make your fireplace unique while also sticking with the current style of your interior design.



#2 Add Some Hooks

OWI has a multitude of designs for hooks, twisted, spikes, lag hooks, floral, and arrowhead. These work with so many different styles and have so many uses! These are perfect for adding an extremely functional yet aesthetically pleasing element to the fireplace. Depending on placement, they can be used for stockings and other decorations, hanging fireplace tools or even drying out your outdoor gear after a long day playing in the snow.


#3 Use Strapping

There are so many ways you can use our strap. Our mantel straps can be made with hooks, loops or plain. If you choose to get hooks or loops, they are great for hanging things like garland, lights, stockings and so much more. Another option is to get a long square bar to feed through either side, it looks great on its own and offers more usable space.



#4 Bolt It In Place

OWI offers dozens of decorative washer designs and fastener options. The washers can be installed on their own as a decorative plate washers or they can be used on top of the strapping to achieve a layered look which will give a whole new look to the strap. They can be installed with any of our fasteners the clavos, small decorative screws, or even the hard to find square head lags.



#5 Rivets Galore

You might be asking yourself “what in the world is a ‘clavo’?” Well, it’s pretty simple - Clavo is Spanish for nail or spike. Except these aren’t the normal carpentry nails you can find at your local hardware store. These clavos feature a large decorative head which can appear as an iron rivet. These little guys are extremely versatile and can be used on iron strapping or, because the heads are large, they can be used to cover small screws or unsightly holes. Rosettes can also be used in the same way but these offer a rustic floral element.



#6 Add Some Structural Looking Plates 

This kind of goes along with the straps but they are less “functional” and more for appearances. We offer many different plates which all come in different designs. T and L plates can dress up the ends of your mantel, as will the angle braces. These options, like the corbels, can be used for structural or decorative applications and will add just enough flair to tie it all together. Corner guard can be used to protect the corners of the mantel or to achieve a more industrial look if you want clean lines.



#7 Use A Unique Center Piece

The pièce de résistance . . . a custom iron centerpiece. Adding a large focal piece atop the mantel is a perfect way to complete any look. Quatrefoils, iron inserts or even a custom sign can achieve this. The quatrefoils and inserts will add a more elegant touch to the fireplace with scrolled designs. But a custom name sign gives a personal touch to your family hearth.

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