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Zombie Hands Metal Yard Stakes | Iron Halloween Decor


Welcome to the world of spooky delights with our Zombie Yard Stakes! These uniquely designed metal yard stakes will bring your Halloween decorations to life, or rather, undead life. Made from high quality 14 gauge steel, sourced right here in the USA, and expertly crafted by hand in Wrens, GA, these stakes are built to last.

Available in various colors, our Zombie Yard Stakes will add the perfect touch of fright to your outdoor decor. Imagine a row of creepy, decaying zombie hands, clawing at the ground in your front yard. Or perhaps you prefer a larger statement piece with our large size stake, featuring a full zombie torso reaching up from beyond the grave. No matter which size or color you choose, our Zombie Yard Stakes are sure to make a chilling impression on all who pass by.

But don't let their ghoulish appearance fool you, these stakes are more than just spooky decorations. With a sturdy metal construction, they are also perfect for marking pathways, gardens, or boundaries. And because we know how unpredictable the weather can be during the Halloween season, our stakes come equipped with a stake included in their size measurement. So go ahead, secure them deep into the ground and let the wind and rain try to deter them - these zombies aren't going anywhere.

Our Zombie Yard Stakes are not just for Halloween enthusiasts, they are also perfect for home owners, builders, and interior designers looking to add a touch of horror to their projects. Are you creating a haunted house or escape room? Look no further than our versatile yard stakes to add an extra level of terror. Or perhaps you're looking to add some personality to your property or renovation project? Our Zombie Yard Stakes are the perfect unique and spooky touch.

So why settle for the same old Halloween decorations every year? Stand out from the crowd and make a statement with our Zombie Yard Stakes. Order now and let the undead takeover begin!

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