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Hammered Carriage Bolt

These hammered carriage bolts are designed to replicate the look of old black iron carriage bolts from bygone days, giving your home a classic touch that won't go unnoticed. Not only will these bolts add aesthetic appeal to your projects but also increase the durability and longevity of them, as a squat neck prevents the pin from turning when tightened.

On a trip to Cody, WY while admiring a neat 1800’s carriage we noticed a rusty carriage bolt that was obviously a black iron bolt in its day. Our picture of this rustic carriage bolt inspired one of Old West Iron's most popular specialty fasteners, our decorative hammered head carriage bolt. Using these old world wrought iron carriage bolts you can now achieve the look of the antique carriage fasteners. This antique replica bolt was created to be used with our old world hinges, rustic iron straps, and as a door accessory. This hammered head bolt is an asset to all building new and old giving the look of a wrought iron bolt. Since the trend of reclaimed lumber these decorative carriage bolts have become fashionable.

For the homeowner wanting to upgrade the look and value of their home, adding rustic hammered carriage bolts can really make a lasting impression. The attractive round head and flat tip combine with the threaded shank to provide a secure fastening for wood applications. Give your home a timeless touch with classic rustic hammered carriage bolts!

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