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Specialty sockets for a drill to make installation of our designer lags/bolts/screws easier.
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Universal Pyramid Head Driver Universal Pyramid Head Driver

Universal Pyramid Head Driver for HCS-02 Screws and HCL/ HCB -07  5/16" Lags

Base Price: $10.00
Diamond head driver Diamond Head Driver

Driver for a diamond head screw.

Base Price: $10.50
Gator Driver - middle in image Universal Gator Grip Socket

Gator Grip universal socket grips any shape, 54 steel pins automatically adjust to grip hex nuts, wing nuts, square nuts, and especially broken or rusted nuts. Fits both 1/4" to 3/4" standard heads.

Base Price: $20.00
Universal king gator grip socket Universal Gator Grip Socket XL

XL Universal Gator grip socket has 54 alloy steel rods that automatically grip all shapes and sizes, screw eyes and hooks. Fits 7/16" to 1-1/4" bolt and lag heads.

Base Price: $28.00