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Wrought Iron Bell with Hanging Hook, Medium

  • Handmade- -Materials: Wrought Iron, powder coating
  • This is a hand-hammered wrought iron bell with a matching hanging hook. The bell has a pull chain that tips it to swing the knocker inside and ring a clear tone. The volume can be controlled somewhat by how much the chain is pulled. Designed for use outdoors, the bell and hook both have a graphite powder coating that retains the look of natural wrought iron but has some weather resistance. Call the dogs and kids home for dinner old-school style!

    This Bell can be heard from over 275 feet away! The approximate maximum distance sound would travel would be around 325 feet.

    Measures 6" diameter x 8 1/2"H

    - Measures 6" from the wall, and 3 3/4"H
    - For use indoors and outdoors
    - Forged from wrought iron
    - Powder coated with a graphite finish for a natural look with weather resistance
    - Includes 2 stainless steel mounting screws


    This product is made in the USA and will ship from a third party vender. 

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