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Riveted Beveled Edge Strapping 1 9/16" Wide


Add a rustic, modern touch to furniture, cabinets, and doors with Riveted Iron Strapping! Our flat bar straps are the perfect solution for homeowners wanting to give their home an upgrade that is both beautiful and durable. Sturdier than most alternatives, each bar features 13/16" rivets spaced every 4" and can be ordered up to 8ft long by the foot. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they also protect and secure whatever you need strapping for. And it doesn't end there – our straps come pre-installed with decorative clavos welded in place for a truly dazzling finish. Quick and easy installation using just small screws means you don’t need to worry about a lengthy or complicated process. Give your home an instant boost today with Riveted Iron Strapping!

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