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Medium Wrought Iron Plant Stand - Statue Riser- Pedestal - Outdoor Lawn and Garden Accessory - Decorative Planter Elevator - Floral Extender

This is our small wrought iron plant stand. It can be used indoors or outdoors. It can hold a small statue to decorate your yard. Set your favorite pot of flowers on it. Measures 5.75" tall x 11.5" diameter. The 2 other sizes are in other listings.

You have a choice of the original rusty finish or add some color to your piece by choosing from our many paint color options! We can paint your Spider in a full coat option with one of our 20 Rust-oleum colors OR we can do a vintage style brushed paint finish. Upon purchase of the product with the Rust-Oleum paint option, we Prime the item with a coordinating Primer then Topcoat it with your Rust-Oleum color choice. You will get a Great Product with a Great Surface to last.

The color choices that show the metal flowers allow you to choose our rustic colors. We use a dry brush technique to get this great rustic look.

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