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Luxury Copper Kitchen Rage Hood with Brass Decors - WINSTON

  • Handmade -Materials: copper exterior, ventilation system included, LED lights
  • A beautiful and elegant touch for the modern kitchen

    Handcrafted by our expert smiths, the Winston copper hood with brass decors is a work of art: completely handmade, it is the functional yet decorative piece that your kitchen needs to give it a truly unique look.

    The additional ventilation system of this custom copper kitchen hood runs at 1200CFM. Powerful high capacity ensures your kitchen stays smoke-free. Adjustable to 4 different speeds, this custom vent hood can be tuned to exactly what your kitchen needs at any given time.

    Power-saving LED lights are included with the Winston C, giving you full visibility of your cooking areas. Savor meals and the process of making them with this bespoke custom vent hood.

    1. Entirely made by experts craftsmen with quality, natural materials
    2.All range hoods are customizable in size, finishing and in all the accessories.
    3.We bring to reality any idea you have in mind.
    4. Maximum satisfaction with an exquisite product of Italian design, manufacturing process and excellent customer service.
    5.All products can be equipped with an advanced ventilation system that gives your custom range hood both efficiency, ventilation power and style.


    This is made in USA and will ship from a third-party vendor.

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