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Leafy Pot and Pan Holder Rack Hand Forged Blacksmith

  • Handmade
  • undefined undefined Bring some nature into the kitchen with this organic and whimsical pot holder rack.

    Each rack is hand forged using a combination of traditional and modern blacksmithing tools and techniques. The pieces have a linseed oil and wax coating which gives a nice bluish metallic finish.

    The pot hanger is approximately 12" (300 mm) across and 5" (125 mm) in height. The part of the rack where the cooking tools are hung is approximately 2" (50 mm) from the wall has 5 hooks for pots, pans, ladles, spatulas, or any other bits you wish to hang.

    As they are each handcrafted the actual piece will vary slightly. Each rack has one side with a curly vine end and one side with a slily creeping leaf.

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