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Horse Head Metal Sculpture- Hand Forged Steel Horse - Iron Anniversary Gift - Equine Art - Iron Horse Artwork


This small iron horse head sculpture is hand forged. Each sculpture is one-of-a-kind and would make a beautiful addition to your decor or a unique gift for the horse lover in your life! 

Available in two color options - choose between our original firescale black finish or add an antique golden shine with the brass-brushed finish. Since each sculpture is handmade, the details may vary slightly between each piece

Small sculptures measure approximately 4-5 inches tall and can easily be displayed on any shelf or ledge in your home. Large sculptures measure approximately 8-9 inches tall and are forged from a slightly thicker metal for a more impactful statement piece

Each sculpture is free standing on its own forged steel base, however if you prefer to hang yours on the wall just add a note to your order to request your sculpture without the base

The metal in this sculpture is heated up in the fire and hammered by hand while it is red-hot into its unique shape. Once it cools, the metal rehardens to permanently maintain its design, leaving a subtle impression made by each hammer blow used to craft it. Like all Hand Forged items, each version of this sculpture will vary slightly from those pictured. Feel free to request a photo of your unique piece before it ships

Please note that we make each item by hand, and although I create orders as quickly as possible it may take up to a week or two to craft your sculpture and deliver it to the post office in the neighboring town. 

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