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Handforged Primitive Metal Arrowhead Keychain, Gift for Him, Gift for Her, Neolithic Arrowhead, Gift for Outdoorsman, Christmas Gift, Viking


This hand forged metal arrowhead keychain is a beautiful representation of a traditional primitive arrowhead and would make a wonderful gift for the outdoorsman (or woman) in your life. This rustic iron arrowhead pendant measures approximately 2 1/2" long by 1" wide and comes with a silver 1" split keyring. A bronze 1" split keyring can be selected at checkout for an additional $.50.

PLEASE NOTE: KEYCHAIN LENGTH CAN VARY UP TO 1/4 INCH EITHER WAY FROM STATED LENGTH. Each hand crafted item is hand forged. Due to the nature of the forging process, there will be slight variations in your piece from the listing photos. Please don't hesitate to reach out prior to your purchase if you have any questions. 

Care Instructions: Iron is naturally more prone to rusting due to the nature of the metal. In order to protect your purchase from the elements, it is sealed with a light coating of beeswax. However, care should be taken to avoid excessive and prolonged exposure to moisture and/or rough handling as this will prematurely wear off the protective coating. This piece should bring you many years of enjoyment as is since the oils from your skin will add an extra layer of protection. However, you will notice that the metal will develop a grey metallic patina. If you wish to preserve the original finish, you should occasionally re-coat the piece with a very light coat of warmed beeswax or similar protective wax (also a good idea if you plan to store the piece for any length of time).

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