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Hand Forged Railroad Spike Knives

  • Handmade
  • Materials: Material: Carbon steel

  • A selection of hand forged railroad spike knives. Made from reclaimed railroad spikes. Hardened in superquench and hand sharpened. A great gift or talking piece to place on a shelf.

    They are meant to be rough and raw but still the work of someone who makes hundreds of these in a year...900+ to be more accurate. They do still represent the first few years or so of my learning to forge and finish these types of things. I do not claim them to be the cleanest ones out there and as such I priced them accordingly. They are the culmination of hours and hours of good hard work, practice, success and failure. I would love for them to go to someone who may get joy out of them.

    *Please note that these are not made for combat or shaving in a pinch. They will however look cool as you prepare for whatever apocalypse is next. They are fully functional cutlery but as they are not high grade steel they can rust and lose their edge in heavy use.
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    Hand Forged Spike Knives
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