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Early American Iron Ridge Center Plate


Make a statement in your home with Early American Iron Ridge Plates! Transform an ordinary room into something unique and beautiful with this traditional style center plate. Constructed of wrought iron, these durable ridge plates are designed to securely fit king struts. They add both structural support and ornamental flair, making them ideal for homes that want effortless elegance. Our Colonial Iron Ridge Plates come in all our hammered textures and finishes to match your home's existing décor. With their distinct colonial feel, they bring an early American aesthetic into your living space. For larger loads, we suggest through bolting the plates with 1/2" diameter or larger fasteners (sold separately). Clavos should not be used as a substitution for proper fasteners on overhead metal plates. Upgrade the look and value of your home with distinctive Colonial Iron Ridge Plates!


Image shown in gunmetal finish and distressed texture.

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