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Cigar Pick and Leather Pocket Pouch


Expertly crafted from durable materials including steel, leather, and a magnet, these hand-forged cigar picks are highly praised by cigar aficionados. Designed for safety and enjoyment, they eliminate wasted nubs and burnt fingertips. Made from mild steel, each pick is carefully shaped, twisted, and heated to create its unique teardrop handle, with 1.5" long tines and a 1" long handle. As requested by many, this gift set includes a leather pocket pouch to protect your pockets and thighs while carrying your favorite cigar accessory. A magnetic clasp securely closes the pouch, but is easy to open for quick access. Show your support for small businesses with this gift set made in the USA. Surprise the cigar lover in your life with this unique and high-quality gift set that is sure to bring joy and light up their face. Please note, individual items may vary slightly in appearance due to their handcrafted nature.

his product is made in the USA and will ship from a third party vender. 

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