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Black Metal Curtain Rail


This black metal curtain rail is handcrafted in a home workshop and adds character to any window space. Made from a steel tube, it features cast-iron wall mountings and ornate ball end caps. The rail has a black paint finish and measures 30mm (3cm) in diameter with a distance of 80mm (8cm) from the wall. It is available in various styles, including industrial, vintage, steampunk, modern, barn, and loft. Brackets are included based on the length of the rail, and custom sizes can be requested for a bespoke fit. Our customer service is top-notch, with fast responses within 24 hours and a focus on customer satisfaction. Adorn your home with this unique and eye-catching curtain rail, and make your window space stand out in a practical way. Please note that customs and return fees are the responsibility of the receiver.

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