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Pizza Peel


  • Handmade

  • Materials: Wood
  •   Are you making your own pizzas yet? I find I need a place to dress the crust before putting in the wood fired oven. I didn't want to use just anything - it needed to be special! This is just the thing...

    Hand cut and sanded from 1860 barn boards. You are holding a piece of Southern Ontario history in your hands! Beautifully carved and sanded, you will see lovely character marks in the wood from over a century and a half of use! Treated with food safe mineral oil and beeswax.

    Each pizza peel is a unique piece of art, varying in colours and markings. Approximately 36" x 15.5" you have lots of room to make a large pizza. Sanded to a narrow edge it's perfect for sliding your pizza into the oven. Each board is stamped with 1860.

    This is made in USA and will ship from a third-party vendor.

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