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Gothic Cathedral Iron Kick Plate


Introducing the Gothic Cathedral Iron Kick Plate from our high-end range of decorative iron kickplates—the perfect way to add a touch of timeless, old-world elegance and rustic charm to any door. Crafted for style and protection with exquisite hammered textures and unique patina finishes done by hand, these beautiful pieces are sure to make a statement in any home or office. With custom sizes available, you’re sure to find the right option for your desired aesthetic. Every piece is secured with elegant, matching decorative screws that will ensure cohesion in your individual look.

Create an air of sophistication and grandeur with our sophisticated mop plates or armor plates and showcase your space in a new light. Renowned for their sturdiness and reliable quality, protect your door from scuffs and scratches with a handcrafted piece made from the finest materials for longevity and versatility. Give your doors an instant upgrade now with our robust long-lasting products that feature unmatched reliability and chic design.

Scrolled Design is 3" tall.

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