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decorative chain hand forged (1/4" square)

PLEASE READ(the ordering information is in the complete description)
Hand forged decorative chain made one link at a time in Kent, Ohio. I think you will find this a great alternative to big box store chain to make your home beautiful and unique. The links are roughly 3 inches tall (76mm) and made from 1/4" 6mm) square rod. This chain is ideal for hanging porch swings, swing beds, large chandeliers The chain is finished with burnt wax finish. If you want to use outside let me know-- you may want it painted instead.

1/4" square is for loads more than 200 lbs

To make ordering easy-- please read these steps
1. Chain is sold by the foot so simply choose the quantity of feet you need. (the first "foot" is actually 5 links and about 13" or 33cm)
2. Message me with your order for all your customization options

Customization you can have no additional cost
1. Open or closed ends on the chain or both- (open hook or closed link)
2. Multiple actual chains, for example if you want one 2 foot chain and one 3 foot chain just order 5 feet and let me know and it will come as two chains made to your length.
3. Chain can be any length you want to the nearest link. if you want an 20 inch problem round to the nearest foot for your order and message me with your desired length.
4. Let me know if you prefer to go beyond or below your desired length to the nearest link.

Message me on with all your choices and questions
*****if you don't send a message with your order it will be delivered as a single chain with closed links.******

I want your project to turn out the way you want it to so let me know any custom changes you might might need

Please note the chains are custom made and therefore nonrefundable unless there is a defect. Thank you for your understanding!

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