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Austrian Gothic Revival Door Knocker / Ring Pull


Make an impression with this antique-style Austrian Gothic Revival Iron Door knocker. Designed after the door knocker on the main entrance of Lazaristenkirche in Vienna, Austria, this exquisite piece will take your home design to a whole new level. This historical repilca door knocker takes influnece from Italian and German design styles in 1860. It flaunts a regal leaf pattern for added visual interest and is coupled with a Fluer de Lis at the very top, with its heavy based diamond ring will accent any Northern European design styles. Built from heavy duty iron, this antique door knocker is sturdy and guaranteed to last for many years, making it an investment you’ll be proud of. Ideal for homeowners wanting to add historical charm or upgrade their space to get more value out of their property.

Backplate: 8"x 8"

Knocker: 6 3/4"

Standoff: 1 1/4"

comes with knocker clavos

Hole Size: #8

1st image Black finish

2nd image Aged Pewter finish

3rd image Aged Bronze finish

Last image is the inspiration for the Historical reproduction.

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