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What Length Hinge Strap Is Right for My Door?

What Length Hinge Strap Is Right for My Door?

Choosing the right length hinge strap for your door is easier said than done. We're here to help with this guide explaining how to pick the right one.

If you're looking for the right hinges for your door, you want to look at a hinge strap. Whether hanging a new one or replacing your existing door hardware, hinge straps are the aesthetic upgrade you need! Unlike many types of hinges, hinge straps are meant to be seen.

When choosing a hinge strap for a door, you need to make sure to get the right hinge strap length. You want the correct length to give your door stability as well as a good look. Read on to learn what length hinge strap is right for my door.

What Is a Hinge Strap?

A hinge strap is a hinge made of two long, triangular straps. One side of the hinge screws into a stable, stationary surface, while the other screws to the door or gate. The longer straps of the hinge provide extra stability and strength.

Hinge straps work well for doors, gates, and cabinets. These types of hinges are meant to be seen and enjoyed. They come in both functional and decorative versions.

Sizes for hinge straps can range from two to ten inches in length and come in a few different types of finishes. Strap hinges give your door a little added flair, whether they are functional or decorative. Hinge straps should be your first choice when hanging a door!

How To Choose A Hinge Strap Length

The length of the hinge strap to use depends on your door measurements. As a general rule for decorative and functional hinge straps, the strap should reach either 1/3 or 2/3 way across the door. For things like iron strapping, you want to reach all the way across the door.

Keep in mind that you want the base of the hinge strap to fit the style of the door frame! For example, if you have a thirty-inch-wide door, then your hinge strap should be ten or twenty inches long. For a thirty-six-inch-wide door, then you want a twelve or twenty-four-inch long hinge strap.

For heavier doors, you want wider hinge straps to make sure you have enough strength and stability for your door. Never use skinny straps for a thick door. The door or gate will sag at best, and at worst the hinges will snap and the door will fall off.

Installing Your Hinge Straps

You want your bottom hinge installed ten inches from the hinge's bottom edge to the bottom of the door. Your top hinge needs to be five inches from the top of the door. If you need a third hinge, depending on how heavy your door is, then install it centered between the other hinges.

Look Into Hinge Straps

Hinge straps add stability to your doors and gates and they look amazing doing it. Grab the strap hinges that match your door to upgrade your home. Check them out now.

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