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Ideas to Give Your Home a Rustic Look

Ideas to Give Your Home a Rustic Look

Are you thinking about giving your home a more rustic look? Here are some rustic hardware ideas and products that will help make your home feel more homely.

Rustic interiors have been trending for some time, and predictions state that rustic elements will continue in popularity.

You can work rustic features into many different design styles. Shabby chic, modern rustic, wabi-sabi design, and bohemian design all come to life when you add some rustic tones to the mix.

However, achieving an authentic rustic look can be hard if you're new to decorating in this style. Box store purchased items generally won't cut it. Even if they're meant to appear rustic, they often end up looking manufactured and fake. 

Ready to find out some home design ideas for bringing an authentic rustic look to your space? Keep reading for our top tips. 

Choose Authentically Crafted Items

If you're on a mission to get that rustic look, it's essential that you choose authentically crafted items. Like we mentioned above, faux rustic decor (such as plastic "white-washed" clocks) aren't going to look believable, and won't lend that rich feeling that rustic home designs are characterized by. 

Instead of shopping for imitations, choose crafted items that are the real deal. Avoid artificial imitations and mass-produced decor and hardware where you can, and look for unique pieces made from genuine materials. 

Explore Exposed Beams

Exposed beams are a great way to add a statement rustic element to your home design. Traditionally, almost all homes in the US were built in the "post and beam" construction style from which the exposed beam aesthetic comes. 

If you have existing beams in your home, you can opt to expose them by removing any ceiling that's covering the beams. Alternatively, you can also choose to have purely aesthetic beams installed to get the rustic look. 

Choose the Right Hardware

One of the most impactful ways to get that rustic style going in your home is to select the right hardware. Instead of choosing chrome and other modern finishes opt for wrought iron and weathered brass.

For instance, adding something like our iron door straps can instantly lend that rustic look to a space. You can add our faux hinge straps to any door, whether that be interior, exterior, front doors, or garage doors. They can even be added to furniture doors and gates.

Besides iron door straps, you can also look into installing things like wrought iron cabinet knobs. These will lend an instant rustic look and last for decades. 

Other rustic-style hardware you can leverage include things like iron handrail brackets, wrought iron wall hooks, etc.

Repurpose Antiques

If you enjoy a little DIY, repurposing antiques and vintage furniture is another great way to bring a rustic look into your home design. If you don't own any pieces like this, you can trawl your local thrift shops, or look online. 

Once you find some furniture pieces, stripping them of their finish and staining, oiling, or re-sealing them will lend that reclaimed look that is so common in rustic style designs. 

Achieving a Rustic Look Isn't Hard if You Know Where to Shop

Incorporating a rustic style into your home design is a great way to add character, visual interest, and depth to your spaces. 

What's more, achieving a rustic look isn't that hard, providing you know where to shop and source those unique and authentic rustic-style pieces. 

Fortunately, if you want to incorporate iron elements into your rustic home design scheme, you don't need to hunt far. 

Here at Old West Iron, we still practice the nearly lost art of blacksmithing. As a family-owned business, we take immense pride in our craft. We focus on unique, hard-to-find hardware items and our fittings and fixtures are made to the highest standards. 

Shop our online storefront today and enjoy nationwide delivery on authentic, hand-crafted wrought iron hardware. 


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