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Add That Rustic Look to Your Home With Shutter Dogs

Add That Rustic Look to Your Home With Shutter Dogs

Shutter dogs hold shutters in place, and there are many designs that can add that rustic look to your home easily. Take a look here.

Did you know that a home with curb appeal can sell an average of 7% more than homes with a less attractive exterior? Whether you want to make an investment or finally add the design ideas you've thought about for decades, your home's exterior can make an impact.

And while exterior paint colors, trim, and shutters designs matter, the small details cant slip through the cracks. Shutter dogs are a small way to make a big difference in the look and style of your home.

These pieces can transform your shutter styles and add an authentic rustic look to your home. But how do shutter dogs work and what are the style ideas you need to know? Read on to learn everything about shutter dog designs. 

How Shutter Dogs Work 

Shutter dogs function as a curtain tieback. These pieces of hardware are installed at the bottom of your home's exterior shutters.

The shutter dog rotates to keep a shutter open. But it can be released to close the shutters for privacy. When choosing shutter dogs for your home exterior, you'll want to invest in a quality material like iron because it can stand up against harsh weather and last for years to come. 

A Blacksmith Tradition 

Investing in your home exterior is a big decision. And for a full rustic effect that looks luxurious, don't skimp on low-quality shutter dogs. Invest in quality craftsmanship from Old West Iron blacksmith experts.

This family-run business has been working with iron for more than a decade. So, whether you have questions about shutter dog functionality or a specific design request, the team can deliver.  

Shutter Dog Designs for Rustic Style 

What does rustic style mean to you? Perhaps you want your home to look like a rural Spanish escape?

Or, you may want to evoke the olden colonial era. Shutter dogs can match your rustic style theme and elevate your home decor.

European Influence 

For a rustic home exterior, you may pine after a look that feels unfussy, weathered, and collected. Think neutral color shutters, stucco, clay pot accessories, and more.

Shutter dogs can complete this design story. Choose details like hammered iron for an eye-catching effect.

Shutter dogs like this French Country style use curved lines and swirl detail. Or, go for an all-encompassing Mediterranean look with a shutter dog that has a unique twist design or shape.   

All-American Style 

If you have a historic home or simply want to evoke a time gone by, an early American shutter dog is the look to do it. Old West Iron hardware pieces use brilliant ironwork, curved lines, and unique shapes to add interest to your shutters and home exterior.  

Old West Iron Shutter Dogs Are High-Quality and Stylish Home Additions 

Shutter dogs are the ideal way to bring historical elegance and rustic design to your home's exterior. Remember that these pieces need to look elegant but also be lasting investments for your home.

Trust the team at Old West Iron to deliver beyond your expectations. As blacksmiths with a passion for craftsmanship and design, you will receive top value and quality for your home.

Have questions about shutter dogs? Or looking for other hardware or supplies? Contact Old West Iron to learn more. 

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