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Double Sided Scored Cabinet Insert Smooth Elongated Cabinet Insert with Rosette Scrolled Horizontal Iron Insert
Double Faced iron insert with scored bar 14-15/16" Diameter 29-1/8"H x 9-1/16"W 31-12" Width, 3-15/16" Height
Scrolled Collared Cabinet Insert S Scroll Door Insert Riveted Grid Door Insert
S Scroll Door Insert
Base Price: $52.00
Riveted Grid Door Insert
Base Price: $52.00
4-15/16" Width x 35-7/16" Length.

9/16" smooth round bar 13-9/16"" wide x 35-7/16" high Loose Riveted to fit multiple measurements: Compressed 22-13/16"W x 19-11/16" H, Expanded = 16-9/16"W x 24-13/16" H
Smooth Cabinet Insert with Rosette Double Sided Greek Cabinet Insert Double Sided Scrolled Cabinet Insert
22-1/4" Diameter Double Sided 11-5/8" Diameter 22-5/8" Diameter
Grooved Double Sided Cabinet Insert Hammered Italian Cabinet Insert Scrolled Door Insert
Scrolled Door Insert
Base Price: $82.00
Double Sided 24-1/4" Diameter 23-7/8" Diameter 11-7/16" Wide x 27-15/16" Height.
Delicate Scrolled Iron Insert Scrolled Round Bar Cabinet Insert Scrolled Iron Insert with Rosette
15-3/4" wide x 23-5/8" high Round Bar 11-13/16" W, 15" H 15-3/4" W, 18-7/8" H
Large Scrolled Round Bar Cabinet Insert Small Riveted Hammered Iron Insert Scrolled Fish Tail Cabinet Insert
11-13/16" W, 27-9/16" H 21-5/8" W x 21-5/8" H
Fish Tail Scroll Ends. 39-3/8" Height by 5-7/8" Wide
Riveted Double Sided Cabinet Insert Small Grid Cabinet Insert Smooth Collared Cabinet Insert with Rosettes
Small Grid Cabinet Insert
Base Price: $130.50
Hand Riveted Center Double Sided Iron Cabinet Insert 18-1/8" W, 17-5/16" H 18-1/2" W, 18-1/2" H

1/2"" smooth square bar 20-1/2"" high x 16-15/16"" wide
Hammered Scrolled Iron Insert Scrolled and riveted Iron Insert with Rosette Rose Vine Cabinet Insert
Rose Vine Cabinet Insert
Base Price: $143.00
26" Width x 26" Height. 17-5/16" wide x 31-1/2" high 15-3/4" wide x 23-5/8" tall
Riveted and Collared Door Insert Grape Vine Cabinet Insert Large Grid Cabinet Insert
Grape Vine Cabinet Insert
Base Price: $152.00
Large Grid Cabinet Insert
Base Price: $200.00
Double sided iron panel 15-3/4" wide x 35-7/1"" high The leaves are flat on the back for surface mounting. 11-7/16" wide x 23-5/8" tall
32-3/4" W, 32-3/4" H
Scrolled Iron Insert with Diamond Center Large Riveted Hammered Iron Insert Acanthus Leaf Door Insert
Acanthus Leaf Door Insert
Base Price: $240.00
9-13/16" wide x 33-7/8" high 30-5/16" wide x 30-5/16" high 15-3/4" W, 38-9/16" H