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Pizza oven door Faq

Have questions about our wood fired oven doors? Here are our frequently asked questions and their answers about our pizza oven doors. 

7 Key Elements to creating a farm house style kitchen

Open shelving, iron corbels, rustic kitchen island, personalized iron cutouts, reclaimed pantry doors, and more...


What comes first, the oven or the door? If you are waiting to build your oven until after you have the door, you will have more design options for your door. You can decide the shape you want, from rectangle, arched, or full radius and you have much more leeway with dimensions. 

History Of Blacksmithing

The term “blacksmith” derives from iron’s former name - “black metal” -and “smith”, a person who works metal. Iron was originally found in black meteorites in the deserts of Syria and was referred to as “black metal” because of the black iron oxide which develops...

Old West Iron family Recipe book

Fun fact about the Old West Iron Family, we all LOVE to cook! Check out our family recipes, and give them a whirl. Use the link below to sort through our fun recipes and catch a glimpse of Lisa's dreamy rustic gourmet kitchen!

7 ways to dress up your mantel

Here you will find 7 ways to decorate your mantel with unique and custom products. Your fireplace is probably the second most popular gathering place in your home after the kitchen and is usually the focal point of the room. So it should look the part. 

5 Tips for Creating the Tuscan Kitchen of Your Dreams 

"Blue Bell Inn - Interior Design Inspiration" featured our Pizza Oven Doors in their article "5 Tips for Creating the Tuscan Kitchen of Your Dreams," click the link below to read the article on their website!

Portable Cedar Cabins- Nostalgia Cottage

Janet Thome from Portable Cedar Cabins created a beautiful front door for her Nostalgia Cabin using our iron work in 2015 when we were operating under Teton Iron. She used our Hinge Strap HHS-324, our Door Knocker HRP-324, Speakeasy Grill HSG-324, Decorative Nail Heads/ Clavos HCN-09, and paired it with a Baldwin Handle set. Use the link below to see more pictures of the beautiful door and read the article on their website.

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Face Plate Sizing

“How do I choose a wood connector size for my exposed beams?” This is one of the most common questions home owners and builders have when trying to incorporate decorative or structural iron beam straps with timbers. 

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