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HDP-344 Baroque Door Pull

Shown in black finish. Picture with multiple handles finishes listed below left to right.
Wrought Iron, pewter, oil rubbed bronze, bronze, aged bronze, gold, antique.

Base Price: $65.00
Sale Price: $55.00
Savings: $10.00
WCBS-344 Baroque Iron Beam Strap

3 sided U-Strap

Base Price: $55.00
Baroque Iron Hinge Strap by Old West Iron Baroque Iron Hinge Strap HHS-344

Baroque iron hinge strap is a heavy bold design with collars on the wide strap that compliments the Romanesque, Gothic, Persian and Baroque styles.

Base Price: $75.00
HHS-344-F Baroque Iron Functioning Hinge Strap

The Celtic iron hinge strap is a charming graceful design that is well suited for Celtic, Gothic, French, Spanish, Baroque, Old Europe, Welsh, Victorian, Romantic, and Romanesque design styles.

Base Price: $97.00
HC-344 Baroque Iron Cane Bolt

Pricing per canebolt.

Base Price: $116.00