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HCP-307 Classic Iron Washer

Base Price: $2.15
Sale Price: $1.94
Savings: $0.21
HE-307 Classic Iron Escutcheon Plate

Picture shows the following options: Double layer of iron, dead bolt lock with key hole cover, in ping hammered texture and antique finish.

Base Price: $12.00

Base Price: $20.00
WCFP-T-307 Classic Iron T Face Plate

This image shows distressed texture, bronze finish.

Base Price: $38.00
Classic Iron Hinge Strap HHS-307

Classic iron hinge strap is a stylish design which has balance with the simplicity the strap and the elegance in the end detail that makes it compatable with most design styles.

Base Price: $38.00
WCBS-307 Classic Iron Beam Strap

3 sided U-Strap

Base Price: $45.00
WCFP-T-307 26" x 18" Classic Iron T Face Plate

QTY (2) Available

Base Price: $55.00
HRP-307 Classic Iron Door Knocker / Ring Pull

Shown in all hammered texture with antique finish.

Base Price: $65.00
Sale Price: $58.50
WCJH-307 Classic Iron Joist Hanger

Shown as tabbed type hanger, distressed texture, bronze finish

Plain Straight iron joist hanger is a perfect example of simplicity at its best, this straight forward design has bold square corners that can accent most all design styles and the texture options offered can sway this design more toward a specific style, for instance, when hammered all over or distress hammered it becomes a rustic style suited for Mountain/Cabin, Southwest, Mission, Country or Native American decor. Although, with hammered edges this design leans towards a more Tuscan, Tudor, French Country or Mediterranean style. When this design is left smooth it appears more cottage, transitional, modern, contemporary, Green and Green, Craftsman, Art Deco, or Industrial. Whereas ping hammering takes this design more towards an Eastern look blending well with Turkish, Indian and Asian styles.

Base Price: $60.00
SG-307 Classic Iron Speakeasy Grill

Please keep in mind that the grapes are one size, the larger the grill is we will have to add more vine to fill in the dead space.

Base Price: $325.00